Acroparc du Mas

Who we are ?

Leisure base and outdoor activities in the Gorges du Tarn in Aveyron

Acroparc du Mas, courses in the trees for all in the Gorges du Tarn

In a nutshell

Created in 2001, Acroparc was among the local precursors of adventure courses in the trees. The practice of leisure and air sports was booming, and new concepts and practices were emerging: accrobranche, tree climbing, ...

Over the years the park has developed. At first with different courses in the trees and then came the need to offer activities to all ages : children, parents, grandparents !
As a result, different leisure activities have been associated with the many aerial workshops, and the Acroparc has become a leisure park offering the possibility to all audiences to find its activity (Work councils, Seminars, Bachelor Parties, Birthdays, Holiday Center, ...)

Base de loisirs pleine nature Acroparc du Mas près de Millau Aveyron

Acroparc du Mas in the Gorges du Tarn in the South of France, leisure bases and outdoor activities, team to advise you and accompany you

Rémi Achouiantz, Gilles Barthe, Yoann Brechou : with more than 15 years working outdoors, construction of acrobatic courses in height / via ferrata and creation of outdoor activities, these three friends put all their knowledge and passions to create activities for young and old.

Qualifications of the team :

  • BEES speleology
  • BPJEPS Canoe Kayak high river option
  • BAPAAT Option Climbing - Caving - Mountain biking - Hiking - Canoeing - Kayaking - Rafting

Seasonal instructors : to accompany you, advise you, help you !

  • Leslie : Smiling, in the park, she keeps an eye out - CQP OPAH
  • Alan : Handyman nimble - CQP OPAH
  • Tom : The Little Smurf climber - CQP OPAH
  • Jade : Sparkling and talkative, she'll be able to advise you with care
  • Florent : At reception and in the snack bar, he guides you with his wisdom
  • Théo : Great driver and shulttler (canoe, tubing, paddle) 
  • Rémi : the Great Smurf, CQP OPAH / instructor for nature activities climbing, caving, kayaking, mountain biking 

Brand Quality Style Millau, outdoor sports and leisure label, Millau, Aveyron

This quality label is a commitment of the company to do everything possible to ensure that the proposed service meets your expectations and our commitments.

Since 2012, the Tourist Office of Millau Grands Causses, the Regional Natural Park of the Grands Causses, the state services - Youth and Sport and a collective of local professionals have engaged in a fundamental reflection on the sector of nature sports.
Today, it is a real network of promotion, reflection and consultation that is working to develop these activities. Activities and leisure that are offered to you for a few hours or days, but where rigor and safety must go hand in hand with a quality welcome, conviviality and respect for the environment at all times.
The objective is to place these activities and our territory in a real logic of permanent progress.
This is to communicate better, better welcome you and always better respond to your constantly evolving requests.
A tool for dialogue, reflection, and a force for proposal, this working group implements a real "quality project" in accordance with the "Quality tourism" approach requested and supported by the Ministry of Tourism.

Acroparc du Mas near Millau, outdoor leisure base in the Gorges du Tarn
Acroparc du Mas in the South of France : outdoor base leisure activities in the Gorges du Tarn near Millau

Aveyron Vivre Vrai valeurs et savoir faire du territoire, marque pour professionnels du tourisme

Common values to promote Aveyron !

At the service of the attractiveness and competitiveness of our territory, the AVEYRON VIVRE VRAI brand aims to promote a collective voice to make known our assets, our values, our know-how.
Its ambition is to promote Aveyron and attract entrepreneurs, locals and tourists.

This Aveyron brand is our common good. It carries the values that have allowed us over time to forge this territory of which we are so proud. 5000 Aveyronnais, business leaders, elected officials, tourism professionals, young and old have brought their expertise and analysis for the implementation of this brand.

The values of the Aveyron : "What we are ..."

  • TRUTH: Authenticity, sincerity, nature, purity
  • RELIABILITY: Honesty, solidity, accuracy, quality
  • RESPECT: Tolerance, solidarity, listening, words given
  • PUGNACITY: Perseverance, fight, courage, resistance
  • PASSION: Life, Emotion, energy, conviviality

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