Acroparc du Mas

The activities

Outdoor activity park in the Gorges du Tarn near Millau in the South of France

The activities of Acroparc

Remember to book. Access to the courses is organised by slot for greater comfort.

Thank you for your trust. Gilles, Rémi and Yoann

A terrain, adventure park where sensations and emotions mingle to flirt with a sweet, beautiful and wild nature all together !

7 courses in the trees - Children's leisure area - Relaxation area and Snack - River access and private beach - Canoe, Paddle, Big Paddle and Tubbing - JUMP'airbag

Choosing Acroparc du Mas is the certainty of having at your disposal the maximum assets to live a great moment of adventure and a nature break !

Our adventures are varied and progressively more difficult, with a bit of height thrown in for good measure. They are conceived/designed/installed by climbing instructors and caving adventure course builders, whose only concerns are your enjoyment, your well-being and, of course, your safety.

Toddler space

This multi-activity area is reserved exclusively for toddlers!

For 2-4 year olds: access to the beach and the river, to the various small games laid out on the ground in the shade, to the suspended net and slide areas, or to the inflatable games reserved exclusively for this age group. New in 2022: A brand new mobility course, at ground level, to do as the grown-ups do!  Swings, slack line, flea jumps, monkey bridge, net, tube, beam...

For 5-10 year olds: other areas are dedicated to them with large suspended nets, tubular or water slides, pedal go-karts, inflatable games... They will be able to switch from one activity to another without moderation and according to their will!


The water slide will offer a descent full of sensations from the age of 5, under the admiring eye of the parents. Everyone has their own technique, on their back, on their stomach, on their buttocks, everyone will study the situation to go as fast as possible or to quietly admire the landscape and say hello to mum and dad!


Two inflatables, one of which is dedicated to 2-5 year olds, form a complex that will amaze children. It will take a good while for everyone to discover every corner. Slides, tunnels, nets, figurines, everything is made for jumping, running, bouncing, having fun...


A space dedicated to the youngest and the oldest, the JUMPY area offers numerous games of balance, sliding and jumping. It is composed of 3 large nets located between 1 metre and 2.50 metres high. Children can move from one to the other without even needing a harness.

At the same time, children can discover the joys of gliding along their 25-metre zip line, spinning like spinning tops in large swings, and learning various balance and agility games.

Finally, the big climb in the square tower will allow them to go down a tubular slide.


Inspired by the big F1 circuits but off-road and without the noise of the engines; because it's your children's thighs that will be humming... or sometimes those of the parents who will have to push the carriages to give their children the pleasure of being the strongest! 3 sizes of go-karts are available to satisfy the youngest and the oldest! (from 2 to 10 years old)


From 1m AND 5 years old, it's a course like the BIG ones revisited since 2022 ! Equipped with a harness, everyone can test their acrobatic abilities and challenge the laws of balance. With the help of their parents on the ground, this course climbs up to 2 meters high and offers various games of balance and climbing. 13 workshops including 2 zip lines redo at will!

Our opinion:
Make the most of the park by organising your picnic on one of the tables provided. New in 2023, preferential rates before 10am and after 5pm!

The Plus :
For greater safety, all the tree courses are equipped with a Continuous Lifeline, meaning that you hang on at the beginning of the course and only unhook at the finish. The tree courses are subject to two annual inspections: one concerns the technical installations, the other an arboricultural study.

Birthday / School / Holiday Centre packages


Payment method :
Cash and for the vouchers on our website : creditcard.

Practical information

  • Heels holding Sneakers or sandals mandatory + swimsuit
  • Shaded terrace, snack, sunbeds, beach in free access
  • Sanitary facilities equipped with cabins and toilets
  • Some activities may be absent depending on the constraints internal to the structure

The tree courses :

  • The Mini moys : mobility pathway for 2-3 year olds New version in 2022
  • The Bambino : from 5 years old (around 1 m)  New version in 2022                             
  • The Découverte : from 7 years old (around 1m15)
  • The Aventure : from 9 years old (around 1m25) New version in 2023
  • The Tyro speed : from 9 years old (around 1m25)   New Version in 2021
  • The Tarzan jump : from 9 years old (around 1m25)    New Version in 2021 
  • The Rando Tyro : from 12 ans (around 1m40)    New Version in 2021
  • The Grimpalabre : from 12ans (around 1m40)    

Options that decipher :

  • 2 Tyros splashs : children and adults
  • Le JUMP'air BAG : from 5 years old

Leisure area Children from 2 to 10 years old :

  • Inflatable games
  • Jumpy area (large area of hanging nets)
  • Water slide: from 5 years old under the supervision of parents 
  • Tubular slide
  • Pedal karts (from 2/3 years old)
  • Slackline
  • Mini Moys" mobility trail from 2/3 years old

And also :

Acroparc du Mas is also a unique partnership with B&ABA Sport Nature, for all your outdoor activities supervised by passionate guides : Canyon - Rando Aqua - Caving - Via ferrata - Climbing... Some of these activities have been imagined and adapted to accommodate the youngest, from 3 years old !

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Discover our other outdoor activities with B&ABA Sport Nature

Two companies, one state of mind, one team :
B&ABA Sport Nature offers you several sports and family outdoor activities, from 3 years old.

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Every day from 9am to 8pm
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